Srynth is a powerful Sorcerer and Demigod of Magic and most important and god fearing, he is the Villiage Idiot of the keep. His history is as follows, once the lord of dark army's of Slanash with his staff MauganRa in hand, he vanquished many villages and fought many bloody battles in the name of power and chaos. This went on for many decades and he was only stopped by his father Aliotic, The god of Magic in his realm.

They fought a long tiresome battle where Srynth finally was beaten by his father. Aliotic then took his son back to his realm and stole his soul for it was pure evil and was the only way of saving his son.

Srynth's soul was replaced with Arcane light, and all his emotions and feelings where absorb into his new soul. After many centuries in his fathers realm, Alaitoc, teaching his many apprentices the way of Sorcery as the appointed the High Priest of the order of Sorcery, he left looking for a new world of adventure. One day he stumbled into the Keep. Here he met his wife Kaya and he can be found spending all the time he can with her and his many new friends, including his adopted sister, Mysti.

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