Tarrik J. Koenig Tarrik is 6'4" and has a cheerful disposition. His lifelong loves have been playing his guitar, singing and riding his horse and his motorcycle.
After coming of age in a small community in Colorado, Tarrik set off to tour the country on horseback. He's held quite a few jobs as a cowboy and as a saloon singer, his talents earning him a living. He still keeps in contact with his parents and two sisters.
One day while travelling to California, he got sucked into a Rift and ended up at the Keep. He decided to stay for awhile, but still makes frequent trips back home to see his family.
His right hand is not clothed by a glove. Rather, in an uncharacteristic display of testosterone-induced machismo, he moved to punch someone much stronger than he. This person crushed his hand and he had it replaced with a cybernetic one. He could have had it regrown, but he wanted a reminder never to fly off the handle like that again.
In addition to a cybernetic hand, Tarrik aquired a brother, the dragon Silver Star, a girlfriend, Selena Soulfire, and a teacher, Arkanabar T'verrick Ilarsaden, as well as many friends.
He's sensitive and a little mushy, and if embarrassed, (which is easy to do) he'll blush furiously and push his glasses back up on his nose, making him look slightly young.