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A young girl who looks 18, and, what a rare thing here, actually IS 18. She is half human, half-fey and she has long black hair that she keeps in a braid and sparkling blue eyes. She does have wings as the picture shows, but she only brings them out occasionally. She has recently been made the High Priestess to the goddess Callista. ((I know....I'm scared too...lol)) She hopes to she can live up to all she is expected to do. She now wears a pendant , an oak tree surrounded by three stars as a symbol of her status. Her powers include Wild Magic ((ask if you wish to know what that is)) If you wish to know her extensive family here. Go to /whois SmilesFamily. If your name is there and you don't know me, I have one thing to say, I am Alandria''s aunt and therby kin to half the Keep! Bwah.