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By Ted Ochsenhirt
"Thad's Player"

There have been days,
when the world seems so far away
and the stars of the night just fade away.

And my life goes full circle
without a heart to beat
My life is nothing to me for an empty shell,
my life has gone full circle, the pain exists.

Tho the tears fall. and I cry till I can't cry no more.
My life has gone full circle. No beginning, No end.
One continuous circle without end.
Now I sit and wonder
what will become of me,
Just fall into oblivion
and watch the world evolve around me.

By Ted Ochsenhirt
"Thad's Player"

The rain is like the tears that wash away my sorrow
I'm sad today, but after the rain, I'm happy tomorrow,
It sounds like the waves upon the beach, as they crash
No worries, no problems, no sorrows

And then again I see my love, watching the sun setting down
And I smile warmly at her, and she at me
And I could ne'er frown

But now she is gone from me, no smile to warm my heart,
My soul, my joy, my love, for we have had to part...

So now my tears fall like rain
Fall where they may lie
And I cannot forget, what God had made for us...

A truer love than we could have
A truer love we made
So now the rain comes once again to wash away my pain

By: Jake SilverBlade's Player

I know I fail at what I strive for
For what I strive, I fail to be
love for everyone, yet none returned
kept inside, my empty soul

The stars are expansive
The moon shines so well
The rain feels serene
The inside so lonesome

Hatred swells within
Mixing with the dark
Menace in my eyes
Desire in my mind

Lost pearls,
as new ones are found
Death comes
on the inside alone

Remnants of my past
Shards of my future
Wanting to give
But too scared to try

The endless battle
The forever struggle
My will is waining
My soul is draining

Will it never end?
The black rose of my heart
No, I do not think
Forever shall it be charred...

by - Mysti's Player
March 9, 2000

I'm just a nameless, faceless, being
Out here in cyberland
That you don't know, or can't see..
You can't know my feelings,
You can't see my smiles or my tears..
You can't even know if I'm real...
Perhaps, I'm not real...

I'm just an electronic translation of someone's mind,
Setforth in type.... someone you don't know...
Someone who exists, but doesn't exist...
Who probably will never exist... at least not to some..

What is that, here in this world...
In this electronic world...
What does it mean?

That's even more of a mystery...
Or a joke... in this world.

To some it is a prelude to what could be real.
The feelings, the emotions, the desires....
To others it is a prelude to pain...
The endless yearning, waiting, wanting, needing.

Is this a game? Someone's wicked idea of fun?
It's all to easy to play with feelings and emotions here.
I can't feel touch...
I can't see a face... or hear a voice.

Obviously, I don't exist.
So how could I have tears.... how could I feel pain?
If I live or die, who knows?
If I laugh or cry, who cares?
I'm not real...

by - 'Morgan, Kohl's Player
March 29, 2000

No sense you have can prove I am real.
No smell, no sight, no taste, to touch,
No sound.
Prove to me I am real...
Give form to this essense.
Give trust..
Give faith..
Give beyond imagination the conscience.
Look beyond the curtain that binds us to this reality.
Look beyond, I say...
Look beyond.
Are you not the same to me?

by - A Keepster Who Wishes To Remain Anonymous
Date Written - Unknown

Looking for a wind of hope
Seeking just a source of love
I met you as if in dream
I met you my forest nymph.

By a lake I saw you standing
Nothing covering your body
Watching the birds flying above
Reminding innocence long lost

I tried approaching silently
you couldn‘t help noticing me
Yet, you didn’t move at all
Seemed like you waited for my call

Sitting myself right next to you
I touched your arms; they felt so cool
As if that which your sadness brought
Had also drained you of your warmth

You turned your face, I saw your eyes
So mysterious, weird, so wise
Reflecting worlds unknown to me
Secrets never to be revealed

My whole body filled with desire
A shiver creeping up my spine
I lost the sense of place, of time
I kissed your chin, your mouth, your eyes.

We found ourselves for endless hours
In this delirium of passion
Kiss after kiss, glance after glance
We wished it could for ever last

But when I whispered that I love you
Wish I could break your wall of sorrow
Your answer struck me like a lightning
As you uttered, You can’t love me

I lost the ground under my feet,
I couldn’t understand your will
And felt my afforts go in vain
As the wind took you away.

by - 'Morgan, Kohl's Player

i am the wolf, the hunter.
i am the crow,
the messenger of death.
i walk the shadows,
the Edge.
let the Deathbird ride.

by - 'Morgan, Kohl's Player

I bleed, but I feel no pain
I see, but they are not my eyes I move,
supercharged curcuitry reflex.
The soul I have, still mine...

By Ted Ochsenhirt
"Thad's Player"
February 24, 2000

As I stand by the ocean on a sandy beach,
The sun shines and warms my soul.
I hear the waves crash on the rocks with a thunderous roar,
and yet it is so calming, for I understand what it says.

It is God's voice saying, "Be strong my son,
your heart will guide you right. Be strong my son,
everything will be all right."

I hear it even when away from the ocean, telling me,
that all will be well, and I listen to it each and every day,
and my heart is ever stronger, and faith ever so high.

So when you feel so lonely, and so sad, just listen to His voice,
all you have to do, is open your heart, and your soul,
and He will answer you. For God's voice is all around you
and in your heart as well.

NOTE From Author: Dedicated to all my friends, and my family