On Rep's back he has a dorsal fin which begins near that top of his head and ends at the base of his spine just above his tail.
At the top of his tail are two rows of spikes that move down toward the end of his tail, where they shorten then become 6 6 inch spikes then end 5 inches from the tip of his tail.
At the top of his head are two 8 inch horns that curve backwards slightly.
On the end of his reptillian face is a 4 inch nosehorn. Under his left eye he has a permanent black, shapeless tattoo that always remains on his face no matter what happens to him.
On both sides of his head he has an earfin. His left earfin has a copper earring showing his rank in Tan'arick society.
On his shoulders are a pair of shoulderpads that have two curving spikes on them. The pads are attached to his armor. On the front of his chest plate is a diamond shape with a sphere at each point.
On his wrists he wears a pair of crimson red bracelets, which are made from the same metal as his armor. His belt is also made from that same metal. On his belt it a piece of armor that is made from crimson red plates and chains links.
On each hand he has 5 clawed fingers and on each foot he has 5 clawed toes.
His wings have light blue membranes with the coloring of shadows along the edges, as does his scales.
Reptillicus is a being known as a Tan'arick, a part dragon part fiend decendent of the dragon race. His race is divided into 3 types. True Tan'aricks, Fiendish Tan'aricks (the group Rep is a part of), and the Savages.

Height: 9 foot 6 inches;
Weight: 635 pounds;
Wing length: 20 feet;
Tail length: 6 feet