A man in his mid twenties, Drake de DuBois, ex-paladin, father of Amandil Amlach DuBois. Fencer by nature, romantic by heart with a soul as tender as a dove, but a blade as sharp as a rose thorn. He stands about six foot even, long blonde hair flowing to his middle back and eyes bluer then the ocean. He has had many loves, starting with his late wife who was killed in a fight between two drunken swordsmen, after that he searched for the perfect mother for his son, Amandil. Amandil adopted Colleen, Shantia, Kimber and Bethsheba as his seregant mothers, loving them all to death. Amandil saw the struggle his father had since he could not choose any of the women Amandil wanted for his mother, so he drank a serium which made his 2 year old body grow to the body of a 18 year old, claiming to do it for his fathers benifit. This has only arisen more problems between Drake and Amandil, pushing them further apart from each other then ever before, but Drake still hopes that his son will understand how much he loves him, and will someday accept him (and whomever Drake chooses as his wife) fully.

"Live by the sword, for the sword, and it shall never fail you" are words which Drake de DuBois has lived by his entire life. He has spent his life dedicated to the art of fencing and perfecting his magical skill. Being 26 years old gives him some wisdom, and youth at the same time, youth enough to have raised Amandil, his son. Now Drake searches for anything which to make himself happy, but he spends more of his time making others happy.