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"This is me, PAM"

Hi!! My name is Pamela, and I play the character Mysti.
I've been an AD&D fan since about the time it began
back in the 70's.
But I'll quickly move on, before I give away my true age.
Something a 'lady' simply doesn't do.

Unfortunately, I had to give up role playing for several years.
Real Life began to make it's demands on me
in the form of college, marriage,
and yes of course, a family.

Many years later, I found myself single,
self-employed with a new computer,
abit of free time on my hands
and still interested in Role Playing.
My son, who also plays in the 'Keep',
introduced me to WebRPG Online.

From that introduction, a new world opened up to me.
I have been able to, once again, enjoy the art of Role Playing
as well as revive my creative writing skills.
This world of wonder, enchantment, adventure, romance
and fun (which is all within the confines of a 19 inch screen)
offer the ability to meet and make new friends from all over the world.

This website is dedicated to the many new friends
that I have made in 'The Keep'.
God bless you and yours.

"This is my son - TONY"
(And one of his faithful companions Dusty)

Tony has been a active Role Player for several years.
(Can't imagine where he picked that up from. *snickers*)
He is also pursuing a career in game designing
focusing much of his attention on the video gaming industry.

As my only child, he's a joy and a blessing to have around.
Thanks Pratz...er, um...Tony, *grins* for all that you are...
I'm proud to be your mom,
God bless you, and good luck in everything you aspire to do in life.


I'd just like to say 'Thanks Mom' for believing in me.
You always told me I could be anything I wanted.
And to remember my Dad who passed away four years ago...
I'll never forget all that he taught me, and love him still.
Also, to say 'Thanks bro' to my brother.
His encouragement makes me stronger.
Thank God for each of you!
With Love...


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