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Thanks for dropping in!   This Web site contains  snow globes of all types, large ones and small ones.  Globes are a passion of mine, and I'm developing my own techniques - with the help from numerous tutorials, plus a few tricks I've learned on my own. You'll find a tutorial for one way I've found to make them in the PSP6 section. This one is my newest, using my own methods. Check back soon for a tutorial which I believe to be the easiest way there is to create snow globes.

The Gallery is where I display some of my digital art, also made mostly from tutorials and just trying new things.

I've made  seamless background tiles - for kids, Christmas, fantasy, and florals.  There's some stationery for Outlook Express 5.x - simple and complex.    In the PSP6 (Paint Shop Pro) area you'll find PSP tubes, PSP tutorials, and presets for BladePro. And don't overlook the Extras section! It has cursor trailers, Christmas decorations, more PSP tubes, and some animated objects.

The "Read Me First" page contains the rules of use, the "Credits" button lists as many graphics artists as I could think of who were directly responsible for this site. They have wonderful tutorials, tubes, and  other resources. The first listing is one I compiled of my personal collection of my personal favorite tutorials. It is categorized alphabetically and updated frequently; the links are validated often.

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