I am Shantar Netherus Mithos, silver dragon, Chi master, Jedi knight, born of Lord Bahamut and Lady Tiamat, of a ancient union before the beginning of their fights. Laying dormant for many centuries, I have now been active for 55 years. 20 of those years has been spent among saurials, learning there ways, taking the form of one for my travels.

I fell in love with one, Rosaria Mentath, but, since i am not a true saurial, our paths do not seem, at least at this point in time, to entwine. Even I with all of my abilities, can not foretell the future, and thus i do not know for sure what it brings, but i somewhat doubt that that one thing will change, because, as i laid there for the centuries as an egg, i gained untold powers, almost the equal of the gods themselves, but the only form that could handle it is the dragon form, any lesser of a creature would be destroyed in a instant.

I left the saurials a few years ago, to try to avoid causing further pain to both Rosaria and myself, and in the time following I learned to control my emotions, or let loose in a blast capable of making entire cities disappear instantly, as if they were never there. After this happened, I swore to never use my abilities, rather it be for good or evil, knowing it was to powerful to be used, so I live my life, in constant battle against my emotions, trying to feel no emotion to strongly for the fear of the effects it may have.

I went into isolated travel for a few years following my departure, and then found a master of Chi, who taught me all that I know. He is the only one I currently know who can outmatch me in strength, and the only I know with such perfect self control and indifference.

After training with him for several more years, i returned, and discovered the keep, a gathering place of creatures from different times and universes. There I met Jasmyn, and found a new one to love, and there I also met Adena Qel Droma, and her daughter, Nikkita Qel Droma.

Lady Adena taught me to use the force, and to use a light saber. now I use my abilities, as a dragon, as a Chi master, and as a Jedi knight, to defend those I love and hold close to my heart, and to try to promote peace and understanding.

His nature is kind and peaceful, attempting to uphold ideals that even the gods themselves don't, but when enraged fully Shantar become a deadly force, Capable of destroying nearly anything, but only using the abilities that are equal of that of his foe. he hates death, and will try to level even the most dreaded opponent alive in a hope that it will come to a better understanding and change it's ways, but if his friends are threatened he wont hesitate to kill. Shantar has a absolute absence of personal fear, fighting with out regard for his personal safety, only for that of his friends.