A young elven woman with long flowing silver hair down to the small of her back in a braid. She usually wears a light green silk gown to her ankles with white lace frill on the wrists and neck. The daughter of the Royal Mage and a jeweler, Dru has been into court politics and such since she was little. She has been trained in both the mystical and holistic arts and is one of only a few priestess of the Goddess Nyari. At one point she was betrothed to the prince, though, through the use of spells and other means, they have decided to go their seperate ways. She is also the Champion of Nymphs-to-be and is still in training with the powers that come with the title. She frequents the Keep and all of its denizens give her smiles and hugs when she arrives due to her friendly disposition towards everyone.

Please note that credit is being given to the artist, Craig Enslin, who created the picture of Drusailla. His website and home page are at www.enslin.com. Visit him sometime.