Zhale is 25 years old standing at 5'11" with blonde hair and blue eyes. His well built body shows years of training, and the hard life that many battles has placed on him. Zhale grew up in the city of Dalath near the MethWoods and the Amber sea. He worked with his father, a fisherman, as a young lad.

From time to time, he and his father would go on hunting trips. It was on one of those hunting trips that Zhale's life changed forever. That night by the firelight Zhale watched as the drow came.... out from their underground caves, sneaking into the night for some hunting of their own. They slaughtered nearly everyone in the hunting party including his father. At the tender age of 13, Zhale had to witness one of the most gruesome sights he would ever see, one the he would never forget.

Somehow he managed to survive that night along with a few others, but he blamed himself for not being strong enough to have saved his father.

He joined the knights at the age of 14, even though his mother was concerned, she did not want Zhale to become a knight. Later, he became a Paladin, giving his heart to the people anytime they needed help.

As he began to travel the world he happened upon a place called The Keep. There he meet Mysti, a beautiful Goddess and as time went by he wanted to join her. Mysti took him in as one of her worshipers, and made him a Holy Knight. Zhale discovered a secret power that he had not been aware of and Mysti began to teach him, and help him develop his gift. Soon after he became a Holy Knight he meet the love of his life, the woman who won his heart and soul, Mila. He had never loved anyone so much in his life. He soon married her and they both serve and help the Goddess Mystique anyway they can.